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Developers Articles


DMCI HOmes: The Mid-Rise Residential Development Specialist

Philippine STAR, April 11, 2008

There is nothing average about the DMCI Homes' version of the medium-rise development which surpasses the ordinary concept of erstwhile projects found around the metro.  For DMCI Homes, the mid-rise development should have such attributes as low density, ample space, and generous provisions designed to suit the needs of its market.
This formula has likewise ensconced DMCI Homes as a "mid-rise residential development specialist" - and it's no fluke with its impressive collection of properties that have emerged like hot commodities in the market.  Almost every time they launch a new mid-rise project, homebuyers and investors come in droves to check out the site and make a reservation and then a purchase - the whole development is sold out before they even know it.
Truth be told, the mid-rise development is one of the most successful endeavors of DMCI, bourne out of 50 years in the construction industry building landmarks and changing Metro Manila's skyline.  Only, this first-rate property has become accessible to the underserved market of young, mobile families with modest income - the segment of the population which deserves to belong in such a cozy, charming community. Mid-rise specialist
Alfredo Austria, DMCI Homes managing director, revealed that the company derives its expertise with the mid-rise development through its experience with developing residential projects since 1999."Over the years, we have sharpened our craft on building medium density projects. More than 6,400 units of mid-rise buildings have been offered to the public, 55% of which are already moved-in. Building mid-rise developments affords us to deliver units earlier than the normal developments. And since the bulk of our buyers are end-users, the demand for moving-in right away is addressed," he said.
DMCI Homes' mid-rise residences feature buildings with single-loaded corridors that open to a garden or atriums that bring the greens inside. Interior corridors meanwhile allow the buildings to have balconies so residents can marvel onto relaxing views of the open space below and the cityscape. Exterior corridors on the other hand provide views of the amenities and landscaping outside the unit's doorstep.
All DMCI Homes mid-rise communities are strategically located in an accessible area, in close proximity to everything that a household would need - schools, hospitals, transport points, commercial areas, business districts, and other institutions.  The site plan cuts DMCI Homes communities above the rest.
In terms of planning, DMCI Homes ensured that future residents will get to enjoy the luxury of space, through effective site development designs.  For instance, buildings are arranged with spaces in between to give ample areas for either greeneries or comfortable space.  The developer has also imposed a 60:40 ratio of infrastructure to open spaces, which allows open spaces for landscaping and common areas.
All buildings are provided with access to the central core of amenities, which in turn, fosters community interaction.  Building features are standard for all developments, and if compared to other projects, could be touted as premier appointments.
These include single-loaded corridors that open to a garden or atrium to give residents comfortable space.  Exterior corridors provide a view of the amenities or the neighboring community while interior corridors secure utmost privacy for residents and allows them to open to a refreshing garden.  Natural light and proper ventilation are likewise effectively provided across the buildings.
Among the most recent of DMCI Homes' mid-rise buildings, towers are consigned to no more than five floors.  (Other developers define mid-rise to as high as 10 towers - already a high-rise for DMCI Homes).  This provision allows for a low density of the building which contains only a limited number of housing units to accommodate residents.  It inspires privacy and exclusivity among dwellers.  Projects also have an average of 16 units per floor (eight on one side of the building another eight on the other side) which are separated by an atrium in an interior type corridor.
To support these building features, DMCI Homes equip the towers with good-speed elevators for the convenience of residents.   Basement parking is provided to give residents/unit owner's peace of mind in securing their vehicles.  For utilities, drying cages or utility areas are included with every unit purchase, as an extra area (aside from the balcony) in addition to the liveable area sold to the residents.
And to cap all these advantages, the price of DMCI Homes mid-rise developments are very competitive in the industry - affordable enough for a young family to live in comfort.  "An average monthly sales take-up for a mid-rise building is around 70 to 100 units. This figure definitely proves the market's acceptance and preference for mid-rise over other categories," Austria noted.
Mid-rise residential projects
Among the present crop of mid-rise projects of DMCI Homes is Riverfront Residences - a mid-rise community that offers a 3,000 square meter manicured linear park by the developed and scenic Marikina riverside.
Royal Palm Residences is a new mid-rise development rising in the Township Central in Taguig, that offers the comforts of home balanced with the convenience of city living. The unique Thai-inspired haven with a balanced, healthy lifestyle for the upwardly-moving, young achievers and professionals seeking holistic wellness amidst the fast-paced urban life.
The Manors at Celebrity Place in Quezon City is an English-inspired, exclusive mid-rise residential community that provides quick access to the finest educational institutions, upscale residential addresses and leisure spots for the underserved young families.
Mayfield Park Residences can be described as a hub of Zen sanctuary in the heart of Pasig City. Like the other mid-rise developments of DMCI Homes, it offers the residents a resort-like ambience to complete a delightful haven for the family.
A first off-base condominium AFP housing project is Bonifacio Heights - a combination of exclusivity, security, expert planning and resort amenities.  Its location which is right next to the premier central business district in Bonifacio Global City makes it a much sought after community.
Mixed developments (a combination of high and mid-rise buildings) have likewise gained popularity in the market, notably Raya Garden Condominiums (three mid-rise and two high-rise buildings) and Rosewood Pointe (eight mid-rise and two high-rise).
Mid-rise market
DMCI Homes' mid-rise residential developments attract mostly the married and early nesters' market with ages ranging from late 20s to over 40 years old. They have previously owned or rented a home and have upgraded their residences.  Most buyers likewise show enthusiasm to move-in to their new home (mostly first-time home owners).  Purchasers of this type of housing development are usually end users or actually live in the units they have purchased. On the other hand, it also caters to the phenomenon of rental potential, which is more viable since mid-rise developments offer a faster completion rate than high-rise projects.
More and more people have seen and believed the credibility of DMCI Homes as a builder and developer of different residential developments.  In the fast-paced real estate business, DMCI Homes is recognized as the country's first Triple A builder/developer that offers modest income earning families optimum value for their money by providing homes with exceptional features and amenities, world-standard level of craftsmanship borne out of more than 50 years experience in the construction and development industry
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