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Idyllic summers at Terrazas de Punta Fuego
The Philippine Star, May 20, 2007 p.K-4

At the exclusive seaside resort community of Terrazas de Punta Fuego in Nasugbu, Batangas, summers are a much-anticipated season for relaxation and fun under the sun, along one of the most prized stretches of real estate in the country.

Here, homeowners Gina and Alain Duminy can be found on most weekends throughout the year with their kids, Maxine and Alexandre. Gina is president and CEO of the

Philippines’ leading on-line recruitment service specializing in technology jobs; her husband Alain is an information security manager for an international financial institution. At Terrazas de Punta Fuego, these hardworking professionals have found a special place to escape the hectic pace of city life.

“I would live there permanently if work and school weren’t in Manila,” says Gina.

Not surprisingly, Gina takes first-time visitors to the Terrazas Boardwalk where guests and residents alike are invariably drawn to a spectacular view: an 800-meter stretch of fine white sand leading up to the pristine clear waters of the South China Sea. From the Boardwalk, the lush natural landscape frames a picture-perfect union of surf, sand and sea.

Several charming cabanas line the Terrazas Boardwalk where Gina frequently spends hours indulging in her favorite pastime – lazing about and reading a good book or magazine. “It’s something I never get to do in Manila,” she says. Here, Gina can entertain guests in a relaxed and comfortable setting, attended to by helpful staff who are happy to serve drinks from the nearby juice bar.

“It’s simply the best place to get together and talk while keeping an eye on our kids on the beach,” says Gina.


Beach provides endless hours of entertainment. “When Maxine, Alexandre and I aren’t building sandcastles, collecting seashells or spotting ‘sea creatures’ during low tide at Sunset Cove, we take the speedboat out for a spin or spend most of the day swimming at the Terrazas pool near Café Sol where the kids easily find playmates and make new friends.”

A home at Terrazas de Punta Fuego also opens up myriad possibilities to spend your summer days and nights, such as enjoying the world-class amenities of Club Punta Fuego, spread out through both Terrazas de Punta Fuego and Peninsula de Punta Fuego.

For instance, Gina already has summer plans to improve her golf swing at Club Punta Fuego’s nine-hole golf course. She also plans to spend more time at the Ylang-ylang spa where her favorite warm stone massage treatment awaits to banish any lingering stress from mind and body. Another favorite haunt is the Marina where Alain and Gina frequently go to enjoy late afternoon tapas and cocktails at the Punta Fuego Yacht Club, before capping off the day with a good dinner at Café San Diego, enjoying the culinary creations of Punta Fuego’s own Chef Mikel.

It is this sense of the familiar that fosters a strong feeling of community within Punta Fuego. “Everyone from the waiters up to the GM have always been like family to us; their attentiveness has no comparison and we see that their dedication to service truly comes from the heart. As for the neighbors and other residents we have so far met from Punta Fuego, they are very welcoming, successful individuals who value their family time – something that we obviously have in common. It’s a place where people call you by name and where every visit is always a memorable one. It is home,” Gina relates.


This summer, residents can expect even more pampering as Club Punta Fuego anticipates more arrivals during weekends. On regular weekends throughout the year, some 300 residents embrace the sedate pace of life at Punta Fuego. In summer and on long weekends, this number can exceed 700.

Marj Dayrit, marketing manager of Club Punta Fuego, has lined up several events to keep residents entertained, relaxed and eager to come back. “We want to provide a venue for socialization among members, and provide value-added service to the club’s standard facilities,” she explains.

“Adults will enjoy socializing with other residents at the quarterly cocktails hosted by our general manager while kids of all ages will surely love our lineup of summer activities,” says Dayrit.

Aside from its annual Fuego Easter Challenge and Hippity-Hop Easter Egg Hunt, Club Punta Fuego also offer Terrazas a la Mode: Sweet Summer Swirl, a refreshing dessert buffet and ice cream fest to welcome the summer season.

“From April to May, we’ve prepared weekly pocket activities for every member of the family including zip lines, Frisbee, beach volleyball, and kayaking for the more sports-minded residents, to wine appreciation and paella-cooking demonstrations from Chef Mikel. We also have floral arrangements and flower art demonstrations as well as classes on yoga and healthy eating and much more,” says Dayrit.

Truly, life’s most sublime pleasures are best appreciated in the company of close friends and family in a place you call home.

Landco Pacific Corporation is a multi-product developer of high-quality residential resorts, leisure farms, residential developments, shopping centers and CBDs, and memorial parks. The company continues to provide superior value in its developments and is widely recognized as a benchmark for innovative and outstanding lifestyle products that revolutionalize the way we live.



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